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MABU - "Maschinenfabrik Karl Burkard" company

A significant event for this company was a partnership with Elmar Koch. He was a mechanical engineer, and he started to work for the company in 1964. The company got a new name in 1971: mabu-pressen, Maschinenfabrik Karl Burkard KG. Karl Koch decides to retire but his son, Elmar Koch, becomes a general partner of the company. In 1883 production and sale of the products of the holding company is leased to mabu-pressen GmbH. Finally, in 1898, an innovative, internationally oriented, medium-sized company was established. 

Today MABU company  has more than 120 years of successful career and their satisfied customers are definitely their best advertisement. The advanced product range includes precision automatic presses with compressive forces ranging from 120 kN to max. 1,500 kN, with conventional or CNC controls, with speeds of up to 1,200 strokes/min, as eccentric presses and toggle lever presses.
They use precision automatic presses for on-cutting shaping processes like perforating, punching, blanking, bending, drawing, and stamping up to the most complex processes using progressive die tools and compound die tools.


Products of MABU company are: High-speed press VS, Automatic press VP, Bench-Presses type TFK / type SFK, CNC roller feeder WS, Gripper feeder type ZR / type RC. They also offer special solutions for all your needs. Those solutions are a perfect combination of their other applications.

Since 1948 this company delivered more than 13 000 presses and equipment worldwide. They also offer services of installation, reparations and modifications. But, that is not everything that they can do for their users. Mabu company can upgrade your existing mabu machine to the latest technical state.