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Become a part of the fastest-growing online sell-and-buy machinery and tools platform in Europe - Rapidax. We are the platform with an increasing number of satisfied users - our vendors and customers. Here you can find everything you need, fast and simple. If you are a vendor, you can put all your products in a special store so everything will be arranged for easier access. If you are our customer then you are only a few steps away from successful buying.

    For easier navigation and better efficiency, all products are classified into categories. Our categories are:

  • Home & facility equipment which includes: Air compressors & pneumatic equipment, Accessories for air compressors & pneumatic equipment, Air filters, Compressors, Containers for compressed air/air tanks, Coolers/chillers, Dryer, Motors, Other air compressors & pneumatic equipment, Pneumatic controls, Presses, Tools (pneumatic), Vacuum pumps/air pumps 
  • Cleaning machines & facility management equipment which include: Dry ice blasting equipment, High-pressure cleaners, High-pressure water jets, Low-pressure cleaners Machines, and parts cleaning equipment, Other Machinery, Sandblasters / sandblasting machinery, Scrubber driers Sweepers, Textile cleaners/fabric cleaners, Ultrasonic cleaning plants, Vacuum cleaner, Washers
  • Material handling which includes: Bolted shelves, Cable drum shelving, Cantilever racks, Containers, Cranes, Elevating tables, Flow racks, Glass storing systems, Hall Construction, Heavy-duty shelves, High-bay warehouses, Industrial carts & trolleys, Lighting technology, Mobile shelves, Modular shelves / modular shelving units, Order pickers/order picking equipment, Other material-handling equipment, Palettes drive-in shelves, Palettes storage, Pallet cages, Pallet flow racks, Pallet racks & open storage shelves, Pallets, Paternoster / Storagelift, Safety cabinets / HAZMAT lockers, Scissor lifting tables, Silos, Stacking boxes, Stacking frames, Storage platforms, Storage tanks, Wide shelving units / wide span storage racks
  • Measuring & testing equipment category which includes: Balancing machines, Coordinate measuring machines, Engine test stands, Force & pressure measuring devices, Material testing, Measuring systems, Other measuring & testing equipment, Test bench
  • Power engineering equipment & electrical supplies category which includes: Air compressors, Block heat and power plant, Components & accessories, Diesel generators, Emergency power generators Gas handling equipment/gas tools Generators, Heat exchangers, Heating & blowers, Hydroelectric power plant/hydropower systems, Other power engineering equipment, Photovoltaic systems & solar panel technology, Refrigeration systems & cooling machines, Steam boilers, Steam turbines, Switchgears & controls, Transformers, Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 
  • Propulsion & conveying technology category which includes: Bulk feeders/bulk conveying equipment, Chain hoists & lifting equipment, Conveying machinery, Conveyor belts, Electric motors, Lift trucks, Lifting tables, Magnets for lifting & magnetic machinery, Other propulsion & conveying technology, Pumps, Roller conveyors, Scissor lifts/scissor lifting tables, Vibrators
  • Refrigeration & cooling technology category     which includes:, Air conditioners, Chillers, Cold storage units, Compound units, Evaporators, Other coolers/refrigeration technology, Refrigerant compressor sets, Refrigerant compressors, Refrigerators, Tunnel freezers,
  • Telecommunication technology category includes Cellular phones, Industrial computers, Notebooks, Other telecommunication technology, Peripheral devices & spare parts, Servers, Software, Telephone systems/business phone systems, and Workstations.
  • metal category that includes: Presses, Metal processing machinery, Wire processing machinery
  • Wood & paper category which includes: Mail processing equipment, Paper-, cardboard-, foils processing machinery, Printing machinery, Woodworking machinery
  • Plastic which includes: Plastic processing machinery
  • Glass category which includes: Glass & ceramics processing machinery
  • Transportation category which includes: Agricultural machinery, Car workshop equipment, Commercial vehicles, Forklifts & industrial trucks, Motors
  • Construction category which includes: Construction machinery
  • Industry category which includes: Filling technology, Food processing machinery, Industrial automation technology, Machinery for the chemical & pharmaceutical industry, Packaging machinery, Process engineering, Textile processing & fabrication, Vacuum technology
  • stone category that includes: Cone crushers/stone crushers, Grinding machines, Machining Centers, Other stone-working machinery, Rock splitters, Saws, Sorting machines for stones, rocks & gravel, Stone drilling machines, Stone milling machines, Stone mills, Vacuum lifters, Water supply systems
  • Special-purpose machines
  • Medical technology category includes: Dentistry, Diagnostic equipment, Electromedical equipment, Eye testing machines, Hospital equipment, Imaging systems, Laboratory equipment, Medical lasers, Monitoring devices (medical), Ultrasound, Ventilation machines/breathing machines
  • Power tools category which includes: Agitators / stirring tools, Compressed-air, Drilling, screwing and chiseling tools, Handheld cutting tools, Handheld electric saws, Handheld milling machines/milling tools, Other power tools, Planning, Sanding, Soldering, gluing and welding tools,
  • Other machinery categories include:
  • Municipal equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Other Machinery: Waste management & recycling machinery, Wastewater treatment technology, and any other machinery.